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This is the very first edition of a game jam dedicated to dinosaurs.
Additional theme is Size doesn't matter.

This is supposed to be a relaxed jam so you can work solo or in a team. 
All content must be created during the jam duration.
All engines are allowed and all type of games are welcome. 

Ranking is here to add some fun but no prizes are planned.
We do it for the challenge and for growing our gamedev skills.
Oh, yeah! And also because we believe that our world needs more dinosaur games! ;D


The winner will get a $30 AI-Powered Marketing Plan by MAI.
For more information: check out their website


These are the main rules of the DINOJAM 

1. You must use the main theme "dinosaurs" in your game in any form you'd like

2. An optional theme will be provided on day one. It is optional so you don't have to use it if you don't want to, but we highly recommend it since the optional theme is part of the creativity criteria for ranking

3. You can work solo or in a team. If you're looking for teammates you can post in the jam community forum or use the #find-a-team channel on our Discord server

4. Your entry must be created during the jam duration. You can use general purpose code created before the jam (like character controls, menus, project templates, AI librairies, etc).

5. You can use free available assets (including paid ones) like art, music, sound, general-purpose source code, but please remember to credit all assets used including your own work. You can credits people on your game page or even better in-game.

6. All engines are allowed

7. All type of games are welcome

8. No NSFW content including but not limited to sexual content (including language), nudity, and excessive realistic gore/violence.

9. No hateful content including any violence, threat of violence, or discrimination against other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.


Some additional information about the jam. 
Feel free to ask your questions using the community forum or via our Discord server, and we will make sure to list all answers here.

Q: Do dragon/dinosaur hybrids count as dinosaurs?
A: As long as it can be considered as a dinosaur partially or entirely, yes it is okay.

Q: Can I participate in another jam at the same time?
A: Yes, ofcourse. If you feel up to, no problem at all. But please keep in mind the additional theme is part of the voting criteria.


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Dinosaurs on catapults!
Play in browser
Get out of the store with your cereal while constantly spinning
Play in browser
Take care of your little pet Dino in this Tamagotchi inspired pet simulator (DinoJam1)
Play in browser
Run down the freeway and smash rude cars
Get some bananas, save the world!
Play in browser
Time Travel to dinosaur era and fight the T-Rex and other dinosaurs.
Play in browser
Dinosaur Stealth Game
Paint dinosaurs the way you imagine them
This is an 8-bit beat-em-up for the Sega Master System, made for the DinoJam1 .
Mia find the Dinosaur
Jump the tiny dino to avoid the shockwave from the passing herd!
Play in browser