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Games made for DATT 4300 at York University! 

Advanced topics in game development and implementation such as game engine techniques, game engine scripting, prototyping, player controls, and level design building on previous courses in game development and game mechanics. Advanced hands-on approach to the study and practice of games, gamification, and game play and their use in various applications, including video games, simulations, serious gaming, and art making contexts. 


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Three player couch co-op game-- communicate and work together to survive!
As a grocery store clerk, MAKE your customers wear a mask!
You are the last human on the station. Are you able to survive?
Play as a myth and avoid getting caught.
A 2D Puzzle Game with magic, crystals and Goblins
Welcome to the Cyber Arena! Pick up your weapon, and defeat the enemies to live.
Virus; Coronavirus; infection; disease; death; funny; lighthearted
Can you prevent an assassination?
Defend against a bot invasion with up to 2 friends!
Escape the maze!
Save your forest, or burn down with it!
Game 3 for DATT 4300
Play as an antibody and defend the human body!