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If you make things and post them online, I'm sure you've started more projects then you've finished.

With some projects you learn too much and would need to start again if you wanted to be happy with the finished product, others you just inexplicably loose motivation, and some you just don't find appealing anymore. All in all you probably look at these projects with guilt and a bit of sadness. Yes you learned from them, but also you put in so much work, and nobody will ever see it. It's really unfortunate, especially if you've shown it to a few people or posted wip screenshots online.

Well why not just release it? The files aren't doing anything or helping anyone on your hard drive, and I'm sure there are loads of people who would enjoy what you've already got. You never know, maybe some comments will inspire you to pick up the project again, or maybe just give you a bit of a smile. Hey if you don't know why you dropped a project you might even get some feedback that helps you pinpoint an issue.

How To Enter

To enter gather up all your unfinished work into one or multiple zipped file(s). Then create a new game page and upload the file(s). Design your page in whatever way you like it and then submit it to the jam.

What To Enter

Although is focused mainly on games, it would be great to see some unfinished comics, artwork, music, and anything else that can be uploaded! It's a digital dumpster, so get rid of all the work you think you'll never finish!

What Can I do to Make my Work Palatable To People

Don't attempt to add anything majorly new, we want to see the raw unfinished mess!

However if you want to make your work more presentable, the following is a list of suggested improvements.

  • Disclaimer

Include a text file in your work, or if it is an executable file like a game, it could be a screen before the menu. Just to make sure people remember that it is unfinished. You could also add a few paragraphs on what you had planned for the project, and tell them about what is already in it, so they know what to look out for.

  • Basic Improvements

Learned how to better improve the quality of your audio, increase your framerate, or any other useful tips since abandoning your project? Well why not do a little tweaking. Just remember not to add anything in.

  • Menu

This one is more oriented towards games. Menu screens are often left out in development, however feel free to add one to your unfinished game(s) to aid the player.

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Unfinished visual novel that mixes mystery and teen drama.
Visual Novel
a bundle of experimental and not necessarily finished games
An mmofps prototype I made 2 years ago.