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Made something that uses Dicier? Submit it to this jam!

It's been a while since Dicier v1.0 came out, and since then, over the updates (now up to v1.5), it's been used in a bunch of games, supplements, tools, and more. I started this jam to collect them all in one place. If you've used Dicier in something you've made then I'd love to see it!

Rules etc.

  • Published and new work are both fine.
  • Multiple submissions per person are fine.
  • Anything made with Dicier is fine—games, adventures, supplements, templates, font variants, etc.
  • You gotta use Dicier somewhere in your game (or adventure, supplement, etc.)...
    • ...preferably in a way that's easy to see on the itch page, but if not, tweet a screenshot to the jam's hashtag, #DicierJam.
    • ...and remember to give proper credit according to its CC BY 4.0 license (though you don't usually need to put the credit on the itch page, just in the creation itself).

Neon font: Neoneon.


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an advanced and accessible analog games typeface!
A crafting game in a hopeful world among the ruins of an ancient civilization
A solo game of reputation and redemption
A rogue-like fantasy solitaire. Defeat monsters. Level up. Transcend.
A TTRPG Tech Pack for a GMless Opposed Dice Pool System
Affinity Publisher templates for trifold pamphlets!
Affinity Publisher templates for mini-zines!
Exploration after the Cataclysm
A solo journaling game about exploring the sea in search of the unknown
Dark violence and epic loot, illuminated by LUMEN
An RPG about Fate, Love, and Art
A narrative domino game for 2 players
Affinity Data Merge example with Dicier utility font
A history building game, inspired by 五德
A .epub file you can convert for your Alone hack!