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Quarter Annual DG Jam v2


1. You must pick one theme from this list of themes:

   a)  Ocean World

   b)  Become the Villain

   c)  Seasons

   d)  First Contact

Just a note, you only have to pick one theme, and picking more than one, while allowed, will not increase your chances of winning.

2. Players should be able to complete your game in 30 minutes or less.

3. No pre-existing projects.

4. We reserve the right to disqualify any entry at our own discretion.

5. No NSFW or content that violates YouTube’s terms of service, Itch’s terms of service or Discord’s terms of service.

6. Pre-existing assets and DLC’s may be used. This excludes pre-existing projects, they may not be used.

7. Make sure to properly credit all creators of assets you use in your projects. Credits must be added to your project. You must not violate any EULA or TOS in the creation of your game, or you may be DQed. 

8. You may use any engine you so desire or no engine at all to create your project for submission to this game jam.

9. Up to two projects can be submitted per person. Projects can be worked on in teams. Projects submitted on a team basis will count toward each individual's limit. For example: If you directly contributed to a project that is submitted by a team, you may only submit one more project, either an individual project or a team project. (Directly contributing does not include teams using assets you’ve made available to the community whether paid or free.)

10. Participants must submit a vote by the end of the voting period to be eligible to win the “King of the Jam” title. One vote per person.

Judging Criteria:

Score 1-10


Grand prize - King of the Jam

Victory! The winner will be announced and crowned the King of the Jam. They will get a special role on our discord until they are dethroned by the next winner. The winning game will be showcased on our YouTube Channel.

Peoples Champ

The game winning this category will also be showcased on our YouTube channel. Community Prize Pool:

*Caz and Ocean's Nostalgia is contributing -   Nostalgia assets- Complete Bundle!

These prizes are provided by the community for the King of the Jam. They are fulfilled by the prize contributor at the conclusion of the jam and not by Driftwood Gaming. Driftwood Gaming can not be held responsible for unfulfilled community prizes.

*Note - one game can win both categories. 

Jam Schedule 

Phase 1:

The first week of each quarter (JAN, APR, JUL, OCT) will be the theme voting period. Participants and interested parties will be able to vote on their favorite theme out of a list of possible themes. Four themes will be chosen based on the results of the vote at the end of the theme voting period. Games submitted to that cycle of the jam will have to include at least 1 of those four themes. Voting for these will take place in the Driftwood Gaming Discord server #official_content channel.

Theme voting location, click me!!! :D
This will open a link to Discord, voting is done on the Driftwood gaming server in #Official_content

Phase 2:

The 30 days following the theme voting period will be the submission period. Participants will have 30 days to submit a game to the jam. (Please see above for rules)

Phase 3:

The two weeks following the last day of the submission period will be the voting period for the games. There will be two winning categories “King of the Jam” and “People’s Champ”. 

-Jam participants will be given one vote for a game other than one they submitted (or were a team member of) for the determination of “King of the Jam”. Participants should submit their vote directly to Drifty or Tea via Discord Message.

-All interested parties can vote freely on for the winner of the “Peoples Champ” title.  

Phase 4:

Victory! In this phase the winner is announced and crowned the King of the Jam. They will get a special role on our discord until they are dethroned by the next winner. Also, King of the Jam and Peoples Choice game will be showcased on our YouTube channel.

*Avatar art by Nowis-377


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Battle the seasons and save the land!
Role Playing
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What can be caught from the depths of the ocean?
A shallow adventure of exploring and matching fish for your alien overlords
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Play as a spawn of the void that absorb life around it
Role Playing
Three Sisters
Return to the place you treasured, before it is swallowed by despair.
real time strategy game where you're the evil lord
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Save your friend from falling to evil
Role Playing
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