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It's that time again. 

Ok, DevSquad. The task is to create a game that thrives with Emotion!  You craft your own world. Due to the success of the last jam, you peepz could really turn some heads. I know you can do it. There are a few rules to follow. 

  1. No Third Party Assets - This includes PAID assets only. You may use FREE or "In-Box" assets to create your masterpiece.
  2. Team Size Limit: None
  3. Games must be playable on Window 10. (webgl and .exe) Game with an installation process won't be showcased.
  4. If your game required downloading, please compress with .zip.
  5. Games must be made within the given time parameters.
  6. Games must not be submitted to other GameJam competitions.
  7. There are no rules towards Age Restrictions, but any Pornographic or Overly Insulting games will not appear in the showcase.

The public will be ranking the games.
The critique is as follows:

  1. Beautiful Storytelling - How well did the writers craft the universe and events?
  2. Sweet Sound and Music - Was the Soundtrack, Dialogue or Foley complimenting the visuals?
  3. Perfect Gameplay - Does the gameplay fit the theme? Did it fit the scenario?
  4. Majestic Artistry - How well was the world established visually? Were you connected through looks?
  5. Emotional Changes. Was the player Moved?

Overall, I think this is going to be an amazing Jam.
Winners will get an interview on the main channel to talk about their creative process.
Depending on the amount of participants, the top voted games will feature in a showcase on the main channel. 

Have a great time everyone, and good skill to you all.

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Abstract 2D Puzzle Platformer
Of Man And War is a narrative driven WW2 based story game. This game was created for the Mood Jam in only 6 days.
Twice the Flip, half the Flop.
Survive in the night from the things full of spite.
Play in browser
Isometric Fantasy Puzzle
A short story-based game for TairaGames "Mood Change" game jam.
Play in browser
Who will look out for the lost one
Keep Your Happiness Bar Up!
Made for the Mood Change Jam
how could you leave us?...
You're an empty soul, who discovers and experiences different moods.
Go through the planets and escape.
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