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DevSoc's annual spooky game jam is back, and spookier than ever!

The theme will be announced here, at midday on 31st October!

The theme is: "Trick or Treat"

What do I do?

You, my dev, will be tasked with taking the compo theme (revealed soon) and building a game from start to finish based on that theme. Of course, you're allowed to work in groups to lighten the load and include talent in facilities you might lack, such as art or coding. Just remember to list your team altogether for the submission!

Once you've finished, before the ever-approaching deadline on the midnight of Friday a week later, you'll have to submit your game to this compo's entries on Itch. Make sure to make an account beforehand!

After this, all the games will be judged and winners will be decided. Unless you don't want us to show off your game, we'll be showcasing all of the entries on the site and in the Tuesday after, and finally announce the winners on the Wednesday straight after! Glorious prizes await!

Wait - Judging?

Yep, judging. All entries will be entered into judging to find what we think qualify as the 'best entries'. Obviously, this is a very subjective matter, and one judge's bug might be another's design choice!

In general, however, you should be aware of the following to up your chances of victory:

  • Make sure your concept is well thought out. A game with a strong idea at its core will naturally be more appealing to the player than something badly thought through.
  • The rules for board and card game submissions should be considered carefully, ensure there is no unintended ambiguity or loop holes.
  • Play to your strengths! Programmers should work on ensuring gameplay and controls are tight and responsive, artists should deliver something visually striking and terrifying!
  • Polish, Polish, Polish! Your game will only truly begin to shine if you spend that little extra time stomping out bugs and adding extra little details

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