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A Tale of Piracy and Anarchy
A Halloween themed minecraft mod with new mobs and textures
Become the most influencial coven of them all!!
Brave the Storm, Gather Data, Escape Alive
Explore a haunted, ever changing mansion, searching for spooky artifacts!
You are a mythical scottish creature and you are Hungry in The Dark!
Halloween Themed Party Board Game
Drawing with a Twist!
Drunk Island Monkeys terrorising the beach
Can you reach the bunkers in time?
Hidden Monsters, Hidden Roles, Dark Movie Monsters, Competitive, 2 - 8 Players
Horrible Histories meets the Stanley Parable
A party drinking game to make you Blackout
A Trick or Treat Inspired Card Game
Table-top Roleplaying Game
It's sunken and scary
cooperative role playing game
A Tale of Piracy and Anarchy
An introduction to table top role playing games.
Element based competitive card game
Visual Novel
Play in browser
Can you save the crew of the doomed Captayannis in this visual novel
Visual Novel
Monopoly, but with Tarot! (We fixed Monopoly!)
A 2 Player Halloween Adventure
Tempted with riches, you embark on a quest to free the Pumpkin King from his prison
A group of emotionally scarred animals flee an ever-changing storm
Role Playing
Find out where the food went.
Role Playing
Save the crew of the Captayannis
Visual Novel
A Simple Social Deduction Card Game
A fun competitive fitness and memory game for children.
A luck-based survival game where players gather, trade and fight over resources to survive oncoming storms.
Mimic Disasters and find the Liar
RPG ,Table Top
Pictionary but evil >:)
"I'm never going low budget again"
Grab the objects and avoid being caught by the Storm!
Avoid the Dark and Escape from Purgatory!
It was the crabs all along
Visual Novel
A Caribbean Tycoon/Dating Sims
A 7 day long exploration into the life of a dissonant child.
Role Playing
Super Powered Pirate Rats Battle to the Death
the polished and updated version of our previous submission
A competitive multiplayer table-top board game using dice, cards... and Lego!
A modified, Halloween, version of the classic board game Monopoly.
gaslighting door simulator
A Short, Asymmetrical, Class Based, Fighting Game where you all Play as Different Forms of Adam Sandler.
Infinitely Generating Backrooms in Minecraft
Minecraft Spooktober Trick or Treat
Can you survive the Storm Master?