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This is the archive for Develop Game Jam 2018 games. Teams had just 24 hours to build their games, here's a video of the entries:

Winner: Thirsty Plants

Thanks to our judges:
Ravi Thornton, Ziggy's Wish
Jordi Sola, Ziggy's Wish
Siobhan Gibson, Unity Technologies

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It's a heatwave! Catch as much ice cream as you can to cool down!
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As a sentient bag of Heatwave crisps, you must escape the facility which created you!
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A third-person shooter about putting out fires!
A small tap creature in a strange land tries to keep the plants watered
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Play as an Ice Cream Salesman controlling the weather to sell as many ice creams as possible!
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Develop Conference Game Jam 2018 Entry, Theme Heatwave
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