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Hello fellow Game Devs! Ready to make games? Because that's what we are doing here at the Destruction Jam! Get ready for the ultamate battle of destruction (and explosives) to make a game in 2 weeks! The theme for every destruction jam is, you guessed it: Destruction. But, before you enter this jam, there are some rules you must follow or you will be disqualified from it and banned from the discord server.

1. Have fun! Make sure to enjoy the jam and to not make others feel bad if you don't.

2. Please make a game during the time period. Don't summit a game you have been working on for a few months.

3. Be kind! If during the voting period, you don't like a game submitted, don't tell the creator that their game was bad, but instead tell them ways to make the game better.

4. Any game making tool is allowed.

5. Be sure to give comments to the games submitted to the game, tell the creator if you liked  or disliked their game and why.

Those are all the rules. If you would like to pay a visit to the discord server for this jam, you are very welcome to. Here is the link (Unfortunately, you will have to copy and paste the IRL into the search bar because I can't get it to work):

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You are a UFO, your job is to destroy the earthlings and cause chaos