This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-12-11 00:00:00 to 2021-12-18 07:59:00. View results

Design Buddies' 2nd game jam is a free, open-to-the-public event, where designers and game enthusiasts gather for a 1-week game making event! We hope to strengthen our community by providing a place and time for people to get inspired and focus on creating a game they can potentially add to a portfolio. The jam will have a kickoff day and a closing/demo day where participants can show off what they've built and win some cool prizes! The prompt will be presented during the kick-off and participants can either pair up or fly solo.  #DBgamejam

Theme of Jam


Prizes and categories to win

Reward: 2 $40 steam gift cards + Special tag: "Game Jam Winner" on our Discord server.  A Social media template with game cover, also shared on DB socials

Steam gift card goes to:

  • Community vote (1st place)
  • Judges vote (1st place)

Honorary: Fun to play, Best art, Most Inclusive,  Surprise!

Important Dates

Event is from Dec 10-21

  • Kickoff - Dec 10
  • Game Jam creation - Dec 10-17
  • Participants submit game - Dec 17
  • Community and judges voting - Dec 18 - 20
  • Judges go over games and decide winners - Dec 21
  • Closing ceremony - Dec 22
  • Winners announced on Dec 22

Who can participate?

Everyone! Feel free to find people to work with or jam on your own. 

What platform can I use to make my game?

Any platform you feel comfortable using as long as the game can run on Windows (without the need to install other programs), Mac IOS, or browsers to You can support other platforms too if you'd like (Linux). No Super Mario Maker levels, Dreams (PS4) games, or games that require an emulator to run.  If you do want to make a physical game, you will need to upload a video on how to play it, or any other material that can help us understand what the game is all about. 

To ensure people and judges can get a sense of what your game is about and they can't play it we may require jammers to upload a video and .txt submission along with other files. 

Do I need a team to participate?

No, you can work either solo or with a team! Max of 5 people per team. Find a team via our networking sheet 

What assets can I use? 

Any assets that you have made, purchased, or downloaded with proper licensing.

Is there a Discord I can join? 

Yes! Please join the Design Buddies server. A channel for the game jam is open for you to use. You'll be able to talk to other jammers to get brainstorm, form teams, and get feedback or help. Make sure to contact one of the admins to grant you access to the channel. 

Jam Rules

Games submitted to the Design Buddies Jam must not contain nudity or strong language or visuals (must be SFW).  You may make and submit a VR game but with the understanding that few people will have the hardware to judge or play your game. You will also need to follow Discord community guidelines. You may make and submit a physical game but with the understanding that people won't be able to play or judge your game beyond what you submit.


Anything you make during the Design Buddies Game Jam is your property. Design Buddies claims no rights or ownership of your game.  Any game submitted to the Design Buddies Game Jam may show up in Design Buddies' social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn).


How long should the video submission be?

1-3 mins! Example:

Social Media


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A game where you are a bean doing bean stuff
Time for a food fight against an enemy raccoon trying to steal your trash! Design Buddies Game Jam 2021 (Winner).
Get your paws ready to snatch as many snacks as you can from the Christmas dinner table in this casual game!
3D cooking simulation game. Created during Design Buddies Game Jam.
You are a potato! Avoid getting cooked by the chef!
Did you help Bunny?
Play in browser
Two little robo-cooks need your help before they get fired from their 80's diner job!
Play in browser
The festive Christmas Cake has gone missing! We need another one baked up- pronto!
Fight the food monsters.
Food battle where you use humans as your weapons
Play in browser
A game made by Anagh's World using React
Card Game
Play in browser
A maze game!
PIZZA HUNT - A Quest for the Truest Pizza!