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Time flies by, the fifth Desert Bus for Hope Game Jam is taking signups now!

For those who have not heard of it before, Desert Bus for Hope is a charity run in support of Child's Play.  Done every year, it runs for about a week while the cast and crew act for chats amusement in the pursuit of donations. At time of this post it has raised over seven million for charity and still going strong!

This game jam is run by fans, for fans. If you are interested in joining, or just have questions, please visit our Discord channel here (hosted by Loading Ready Run.) All submissions will be backed up by the masters of achieving, the VideoStrikeTeam.

I want to remind folks as well that this is a nearly week long jam that takes place, and no one is expected to be around the entire time. If you spend just a day, or the whole week working on your project, it's all fine. Only request is that it relates to the Desert Bus charity run in some way shape or form.

The prompt for this year is: "Long Haul!" Good luck everyone!


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Attempt to wait out a terribly boring moment in order to deliver a valuable item.
A solo game about magical realism and truck drivers.
A single player factory simulator
Run a stream to raise money for Desert Bus for Hope!
Classic arcade racing at its finest
The Super Bus Squad return, this time: IN SPACE!
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A text-based post-apocalyptic roguelike.
Role Playing
A minigame collection made for Desert Bus for Hope 2021!
Black and white arcade: make wishes and unlock arts!
Turret defense along a road
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Made for DesertbusForHope Game Jam 2021, can you reach the end?
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A tile placing game where you create the path and environment of a bus that drives forever.
Entry for the Desert Bus 15 game jam
A raylib experiment for the Desert Bus For Hope 2021 Game Jam
A card game about piloting the USS Tucson.
Card Game
A set of misc addons, mostly including new worldgen features.
Cool game about a bus :))
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Made for the Desert Bus 2021 Game Jam. Use a tow truck to rescue the bus!
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Desert bus 2021 scifi, racing, rocketleagish game.
Why just watch the bus, when you can *ride* it...
The worst game ever, Bitsy edition.
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