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Welcome to the Depth in Dialogue 2017 March Game Jam!

This is a jam about making games that really brings the player into the game; to develop and create character/s that the player can relate to and make a connection. We want the player to finish your game remembering that character. We want the player to grow the unique personality you have built for your character/s and adapt that to the gameplay. We need more games out there that connects you to the dialogue and character/s. That is why I am hosting this jam.


Here are some rules I have made to keep this place from falling apart

  1. Your game has to follow up with the theme of this jam
  2. Ask a question in the community section above if you have one; please do not assume
  3. This jam is inspiring you to work with a team; or at least it is now. Connect with fellow developers in the community section
  4. You do not need good voice acting or art to make a good character based game, or even a character based game in general. We do love it when the characters have voice acting though; it always gives another personality to the character
  5. Your game can be made with whatever engine you like, and whatever resources too
  6. You can use pre-made or pre-existing art and music assets in your game; although you cannot use pre-made or pre-existing code sources.
  7. If you want your game can only have one character in it, all lonely and... but it can also have a thousand!
  8. This jam is for everybody from complete beginners to professionals, so join for the sake of making games

Tips for First Time Jammers:

Here are some tips I have put together for first time jammers

  1. When starting, plan a game that is very small, and do not think about making a game like Undertale or Night in the Woods.
  2. When starting small, (assuming you are following my advice right above) start chopping your goals of the game into super small milestones; say you have a goal of making a walking animation for your main character. Chop that down to 1. Import character 2. Rig character 3. Animate left leg 4. Animate right leg 5. Finalize.
  3. Remember how I said that you can use pre-existing or pre-made art and music? Use that to your advantage! We are trying to develop a character that can sync into your players heart, not make Call of Duty graphics or a soundtrack like Pit People.
  4. You have a week and a half to make this game; us your time wisely, but still do school if you have that, and don't ditch work if you maybe have that. Also don't bang your head on your computer through out this time; just relax and make games; but also make sure to exercise. It is in your best needs to stop your game development for a second and go out and run, get some exercise.

Examples to Shake up Your Mind:

Here are some examples of character heavy based games out there just to shake up some ideas and inspire you:

  1. Night in the Woods - an adventure game focused on exploration, story, and character, featuring dozens of characters to meet and lots to do across a lush, vibrant world. (
  2. Undertale - The RPG game where you don't have to destroy anyone. (
  3. And a lot of others that you can find by just looking it up :)


This jam is for the sake of making a game that can touch you emotionally or with a punch from the main character and his rude personality; so really the prize is just making your amazing game. But I am still deciding if there is to be a money award along side... stay tuned on this main page and I will post soon if there is soon.

Isn't it amazing when you finish a game, even if nobody plays it. I think that that is what every game jam is about. To get that amazing feeling that not everybody gets when you make a game and hand it out for others to try. It can be nerve racking to see reviews pop in that might be bad or good, but who cares really. Its your game. You made it. And you know what work you put into it, even if your main character sprite is actually from some dude named "Buy My Artz Pleaz" on the asset store.

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