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Welcome to the December Game Jam hosted by super-doggy! as the description says, this is a jam where you have to make a game in the month of December.

The theme is :


. You can interpret this theme however you want, of course by respecting the rules! You can start to make a game idea now, so you know what to do when it starts!


1. Don't be mean or harass anyone!

2.No inappropriate content by any means!

3.You can only submit games made in the timeline!

4.You can use violence and some blood if you want but do not exaggerate (I mean it's almost Christmas time, so yeah nicer games will be appreciated)

5.You can use older assets if you want!

6.You can use assets made by other people with their permission!

7.You can use any game engine you want! (like Unity,Unreal,Scratch etc. )

(Note that I am not 100% sure if anyone else made a game jam similar to this, and want you to know that this jam was not made to copy someone else!)
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The game made for a traffic jam is my first game, but I will gradually improve in programming.
In his house in R'lyeh dead C'thulhu waits dreaming...
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2D Mini Game - December Game Jam
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