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In anticipation of physical copies hitting ground this jam drops a batch of user made content.

The aim is for new players and new GMs, as well as new campaigns and one-shots to have something fresh out of cryo-freeze to hit the ground running in the DiS universe.

Adventures and scenarios are a big plus, but adversaries, HUBs, backgrounds and equipment also are super cool.

Please make sure all submissions meet the "THIRD-PARTY LICENSE" for Death in Space posted here:

DEATH IN SPACE is © Stockholm Kartell and/or other authors. 

These submissions are independent productions by the individual author/creators and are not affiliated with Stockholm Kartell. 

They are published under the DEATH IN SPACE Third Party License.


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A advanced adventure for Death in Space.
Maps and handouts for the Death in Space RPG scenario Search and Salvage
This is a collection of supplements for the Death in Space RPG
In space, no one hears you scream.
The Memory Collecting Alien Giant Assimilates you as New Beings into Their Brain Dimension. 8.5" x 14"
Solo-play Death in Space (based of MÖRK BORG's Dark Fort)
A Death in Space RPG monster
Scenario for Death In Space. The Ice-mining Vessel 314 have found an ancient frozen ship in an astroid.
A precise piece of absurdity. Compatible with Death in Space. Created for the "Planetfall" game jam.
Need a quick and dirty job on the fly?
A HUB amalgam generator for Death in Space TTRPG
Strange Gasses Pour out from the Dig Site & Drive the Colonists Mad, while a Sick Murderer claims to Know the Truth