This jam is now over. It ran from 2018-05-25 16:00:00 to 2018-06-08 04:00:00. View results

Recently my YouTube channel, which you can find here:, hit over 100 subscribers. To commemorate and celebrate this moment  De Space Jam has been created!

The Theme: "More Than One Dimension"

Being creative with the theme and forming your own interpretations is recommended!

Discord and Twitter:

Join the awesome Spaceface14Dev community and talk about the jam on our discord here.

You can also find me on twitter at If you plan on posting dev logs, updates, or anything of the sort be sure to use the tag #despacejam. 


  • Max team size is 4. You can either work with friends, siblings, or even people you find on discord!
  • Only people who submit games, worked on games, and Spaceface14 can rate games during the voting period.
  • All games must be free to play, at least during the voting period.
  • All submissions must be submitted either as an in browser/web game or as a Windows game. (Be sure to click the windows box by the editor so that we can play it on the app!)
  • All submissions must be appropriate for younger audiences.
  • All submissions must not have been created before the jam begun.


  • 1st place gets $10
  • Top 3 get a special role on our discord!
  • All games will be showcased in a video on my channel (unless the creation breaks any of the rules)

If you ever need help with the project or are stuck you can ask for help on the discord and on the community tab of this page.

If an extension is needed, a total of a 3 day extension can be added.

Non game creations, such as music, art, websites, and so on are allowed though the chances of winning will be made much more difficult. It is recommend that you create something interactive.

All submissions
Browser playable (4)
Windows (7)
macOS (1)
Linux (1)
Android (1)

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A tiny puzzle platforming game!
Play in browser
A Monster College VN
Visual Novel
A platformer that will make you flip around
This a puzzle game with physics references.
Play in browser
A 2D shooter and Bullet hell set in a new Dimension
Play in browser
an adventure about flipping switches to find stuff.
Just Create It
D Jumper change dimensions to win the game
Grayscale in latin.
Play in browser