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The seventh Desert Bus for Hope Game Jam is taking signups now! This game jam is both for fans of the charity run, and those who are only now hearing about it, help raise awareness for Child's Play charity while making some wonderful jam based on an awful game.

For those who have not heard of it before, Desert Bus for Hope is a charity run in support of Child's Play.  Done every year, it runs for about a week while the cast and crew perform for chats amusement in the pursuit of donations. Last year it raised over a million during it's run, and at time of this post it has raised well over eight million total for charity and still going strong!

This game jam is run by fans, for fans. If you are interested in joining, or just have questions, please visit our Discord channel here (hosted by Loading Ready Run.) All submissions will be backed up by the masters of archiving, the VideoStrikeTeam.

I want to remind folks as well that this is a nearly week long jam that takes place, and no one is expected to be around the entire time. If you spend just a day, or the whole week working on your project, it's all fine. Only request is that it relates to the Desert Bus charity run in some way shape or form.

The prompt for this year is The Anti-Bus! Code well everyone!


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A Desert Bus you can take with you wherever you go! ...assuming that's somewhere near a computer
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An angry ungulate takes vengeance upon the gas-guzzling menace on behalf of nature's smallest creatures
Anti-Bus was the prompt, so instead of making kids happy, we are boring adults
A Desert Bus Card Game
desertbus 2022 rpg isometric
Role Playing
An endless runner for the Desert bus for hope game jam. Simple, silly, and my first game.
For Desert Bus For Hope Game Jam
A game of coffee pong represented in minecraft
Fight your way across the multiverse with Juicin' James and Swole Serge and save Desert Bus for Hope
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Because the opposite of "bus" is "tow truck"!
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Pilot a submarine, avoid coral, collect fish
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A technically functional Flappy Bird-esque top down game
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Music composed during Desert Bus 2022 for use in a variety of DBFH22 Game Jam projects
1 hour version of desert bus made in Trackmania
Created for Desert Bus for Hope 2022 Game Jam
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Shmup with a hint of driving
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