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The time is soon upon us, the 2020 Desert Bus for Hope Game Jam is coming! 

For those who have not heard of it before, Desert Bus for Hope is a charity run in support of Child's Play.  Done every year, it runs for about a week while the cast and crew act for chats amusement in the pursuit of donations. At time of this post it has raised over 6 million and it's not about to stop now!

This game jam is run by fans, for fans. If you are interested in joining, or just have questions, please visit our Discord channel here (hosted by Loading Ready Run.) All submissions will be backed up by the wonderful VideoStrikeTeam.

I want to remind folks as well that this is a nearly week long jam that takes place, and no one is expected to be around the entire time. More then ever before, we want people to have fun, and not stress themselves out over details.

The official start of the game jam, and this years prompt, will start a few hours after the opening of the charity run itself.

The prompt for 2020 is, The DEVICE

For those lacking context it is a famous object that causes all kinds of input trouble between Driver and Bus, there is many references to it and a near cult formed around it. For questions about The DEVICE please poke into the Desert Bus discord channel!


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You're dead to this world. But the next world holds so much more.
Role Playing
This is not a game. You know how to use the device. Proceed when ready.
When the going gets tough, the bus gets going.
A claw machine built for DesertBus for Hope 2020!
When his brother finds a mysterious device, Mallow goes off on another Commodore 64, Dizzy inspired adventure.
Play in browser
A quick stealth puzzle platformer for the Desert Bus Game Jam 2020
Made in 5 days for the Desert Bus for Hope 2020 Game Jam.
A Mystery/Deduction game for the Desert Bus 2020 Game Jam!
You are a fey attempting to craft the bus as many times as possible by crafting DB Memes
A print and play cooperative board game for 1-4 players for the Desert Bus for Hope 2020 Game Jam.
The Device is a strange alien artifact floating in space. Are you brave enough to enter?
Proof that scope is important!
Minecraft Modification adding small additions
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
What secrets lie behind The Device?
Interactive Fiction
Desert bus. in SPACE!
unfinished procedurally generated platformer
You are a controller input, You must get to the Sega CD, The Device will stop you
You are the device getting signals from the controller and must transmit them!