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Wanna make a video game while watching people play the worst video game? Think the world needs more Desert Bus? Need an excuse to say, "Busception" again? Join us for a fun 3 or 6 day Desert Bus-themed game jam during Desert Bus for Hope 10. There will be bug splats, there will be a night that never ends, and there will be a lot of listing to the right -- only this time, you get to create it. Everyone is welcomed to join as we help raise awareness for Child's Play duiring the Desert Bus for Hope charity run!

This fan-run production production will take place during the DBfH charity starting November 12 at 5PM EST (4 hours after the event starts.) Since six days straight is a long haul this will be broken into two separate prompts. The first announced at launch, and the second at 11/15/16 5pm(EST) People are welcome to submit to the first prompt, the second, or both. Of course feel free to submit your own Desert Bus themed games as well, anything has to be better then the original after all!

For anyone interested in joining please chat with us at or if you came here to see what was going on and try some submissions, then please think about donating to for the child's play charity

The first (optional) prompt is: Desert Bus for Hope 100!

The second is: Child's Play Charity


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A top-down Game Boy port of Desert Bus
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Find your way from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada. On foot.
Simulates the tension of being stuck in a trench in WWI through hostile controls. Your only goal is to survive.
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A dedication to 10 years of Desert Bus for Hope, Win 8 at least!
Desert Bus 10 Game Jam
Inspired by Desert Bus for Hope and made for the DBfH Jam
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Desert Bus for Hope themed Shmup, drive the bus while avoiding memes!
The Zeta Meat has evolved and are attacking.