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:JAM: Welcome to the DAE Virtual Easter JAM! :JAM: 

First of all, thank you for visiting! We're honoured and delighted that you're taking time out of your busy day to watch us nerds make video games.

This Game Jam serves as a tribute to the beloved annual Jam hosted by DAE. We really want to bring the students of this school a bit closer across majors & years during times like these where the distance seems as big as it could be!

Theme: You Can't Hold It!

Hand-in Requirements:

Get in your final build before the deadline of 11/04 [24:00] onto your page. (You can of course decorate your page afterwards)
- Target Platform: Windows 10/PC
- Input must support either mouse/keyboard or a regular gamepad controller. (Or both of course)
- Game should match the theme revealed at start of the JAM

The day after hand-in, people can take a look at the diverse set of projects submitted and cast their votes out as show of kudos towards the developers. Stay tuned for the End-ceremony coming soon after (date soon to be specified!)

Check out our announcement video for a brief intro to  the Game Jam:


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A cute spooky puzzle platformer game made for the DAE gamejam 2021
Golf & Goof around with your friends!
A cute fantasy shooter
Pee Simulator - Incomplete
You can't hold onto the ball, you gotta pass!
hope i can hold it together tho
Shoot, it broke free again! Gather your dingo-team together and guide the Dedicated RAM back into its cage!