This jam is now over. It ran from 2022-02-15 07:30:00 to 2022-05-22 21:59:00. View results

For the 5th time, the games made in the course "Game Projects" at DAE will compete against each other on!


  • All projects must be submitted in the first week of the jam
  • You are able to update your projects right until the end
  • Every week, before the weekly class starts, you must add a new playable build (keep all previous builds too)
  • With each new build, add a developer log: what has changed (changelist), what hasn't (known issues), what went great, what are you struggling with? This is a devlog targeted at people that would love to know more about your game, not the teachers!
  • Once the deadline has passed you will be able to rate each others game.
  • The winning project gets a free pass into group projects + will be released on Steam!

Check out last year's editions here:


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The raccoon that collects and deposits the most trash, wins the crown. But who will trash the town?
​Dig up ​bones ​and drop them off at your dog house, while fighting off your best friends!
Hide and seek with a twist!
Grapple and bounce your way to the top of the tower!
Are you ready to race your friends and collect the most coins?
Deliver boxes on time or get fired!!
A top down multiplayer free-for-all arena couch game where fruit is your arsenal.
Board your airship and fight your friends! Who will be the King of the Skies?
Awaken your cat instict and destroy or create order in chaos.
Grab your mates and puff out your belly - let's see who becomes fish food!
Let's bounce to the top!
Fight your friends and reach the end of the level first.
Compete with your friends to deliver post the fastest!
couch co-op brawler
Sumo wrestling... In space!
Smack your friends to become the ultimate Pillow Fight King!
It's about speed, it's about pizza
A co-op 2D puzzle platformer where you're connected by rope and have to get out of a cave! Go on then!
A team-based couch co-op game with the goal of scoring scraps into the enemy furnace.
DAE Game Project-The Floor Is Hacked