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Welcome to the Explosion Jam! :D

A unique Game Jam where you have 10 days to create a Game with explosions!

Submissions starts the 18 of August and ends the 28 of August, letting you vote until the 5 of September.

You can make the sprites before that date but cannot set them in the project, else it’s uh somekind of cheat so yeah it’s not legit.

And now, the rules!

What to do:

- Make a Game about explosions, you can go totally retarded if you want.

- Be a nice person.

What to don't:

- Submit a Game made before the 18 of August.

- Submit a Game which isn't about explosions.

- Be a bad person.

The prizes, yaaay:

- 1st Place, a nice 3D model of a golden explosion trophy!

- 2nd Place, a nice 3D model of a silver explosion trophy!

- 3rd Place, a nice 3D model of a chocolate explosion trophy (Yeah we didn’t have the budget to make it bronze)!

- 4th Place and lower, a free access to!

Here's the Discord Server, feel free to join it:

And remember, KAAABOOOOOM give the best that you have! :D

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blow up as many cars as you can and try not to get hit
Explode The Memes !!
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Explosion 4 Explosion Jam
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