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Happy New Decade gamers!

To ring in this auspicious occasion, its time to put our collective minds to the task of reinventing one of icons of the tabletop roleplaying hobby: the polyhedral dice set, and its mighty ruler, the D20.

So what's this all about?


If there's any rule here, we just wanna see you all using your polyhedrals in a way that departs significantly from their use in Dungeons and Dragons and its various descendants, giving the D20 a home outside of what we often think of as "d20 games".

That's the guts of it in honesty, I mean...


-You can make a game, a subsystem, a character or setting generator, some kind of oracle, whatever you like. We're not looking for DnD/Pathfinder modules, so try to follow the dice to somewhere new. 

-I mean charge what you like, its real important to get money for your work. But a sale or deal would be appreciated cause I know I'm broke. 

-This is a ttrpg focused jam. I suppose you could make a video game if you felt the need to... 

-NO HATE. Keep bigotry out of this, we want a safe and enjoyable place for our participants, and any kind of sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia or any other hate speech will not be tolerated.


Well this has all been pretty ambiguous so far hasn't it? What does interesting use of your polyhedrals even look like?

-Nick Wedig's The Devil, John Moulton where your dice are both sources of power and countdown timers for your demise, or LOVEINT where you constantly trade your luck.

-Olivia Hill's Fuck Armageddon, an anarchic mess of fluctuating dice values, demons, and badass gutterpunk weapon engineering.

-Jason Pitre's Spark system and Sig: Manual of the Primes. This one's hard to summarise, but... wow.


For those looking to score bonus points (What are these points? Why weren't they mentioned before? I don't even know, but this is your chance to get some!) why not...

-Use more than one d20. How many can you get in your fist...?

-Design a game that treats the dice as physical playing pieces as well (or rather than) as number generators, like you would in a board game jacks or marbles perhaps.

-Asymmetric games! What if different dice mean different things to different players?

I have set the start and end dates to the most 2020 dates I could find. So we'll see you all at 20:20, 20/02/20 (is that a... staggerdrome?) for our thrilling conclusion.

Cover image is D20 by Matteo Ando on Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution License. 

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