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Come, gather around because soon the #d1000d100challenge will take place!

The French site of D1000 and D100 celebrates its 4th anniversary this year! And so this is an opportunity for me to launch this idea of Game Jam that has been germinating in my mind since its inception for a first edition, and perhaps an annual edition if it works well.  

We know a lot of creative challenges around the number of words: 200 words (200wordrpg), 500 words (French contest - Il était une fois un petit jdr) or 4000 words (Game Chef). I hope that the #d1000d100challenge will also find its place among this small family and that others will join it.

This Jam is open to participants from all countries. If you want to translate or improve the rules translated into your language, do not hesitate to contact me through the community tab.

You can find all the rules translated in the following languages:

English (here) | French | Spanish



There will be no jury, no prizes and no rankings. Creating a role-playing game is quite difficult so participating is already winning. We will gladly welcome you to our French Discord server, to help everyone to discuss together, ask questions and get help, playtest and encourage each other to succeed in this challenge. Hopefully, i speak english and spanish as well too, so don’t be afraid to join us even if you’re not speaking French. In the end, we will all celebrate the pleasure of having created, shared our ideas and experiences. But above all, we will celebrate sharing our games.

You can also follow the jam on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to share your submissions with the social media accounts. Also remember to use the hashtag :




This jam is launched by a French website named D1000 et D100. The name of this challenge echoes to the name of the site because in French, it is a pun for «dice 1000 and dice 100», but also a French expression that is sometimes interpreted as the fact of « always do more ».

This jam will take place from 1 to 31 August 2021.

You need to:

+ write a role-playing game

+ in 1100 words

+ using 3 of the 6 proposed words (minimum) as the basis concept of your role-playing

The words for 2021 are :






Connect (other words possibles : relate, link, bind)


The word limit is a constraint that encourages creativity and requires a certain regularity and clarity in the writing of your role play.

We often find a theme that gives rise to similar concepts, which is why I chose to draw inspiration from the Game Chef by proposing words. Your role-playing game will have to integrate a strong concept around 3 words that you will have chosen from the 6 proposed words.

These 3 words are the triptych of your game, a work in three parts. The latter can be interpreted individually but they also constitute a common scene. It is three words must be the basis of your game, the central concept. They cannot just be randomly placed in the text, they must be an integral part of the story, of the rules.

You are free to interpret these words as you wish, but it is strongly recommended that you take a look at the dictionary definitions to broaden your horizons.


1.  Submissions must be a fully playable RPG system in 1100 words with a 3 word concept based.

2.  Multiple authors and Multiple submissions are allowed.

3.  All games must be submitted under a license Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)

4.  Submissions must be made during the jam period specifically for the jam. No old games reposted. 

5.  Bids must be less than 1,100 words. If you create extras for your game, such as playbooks, quickstart sheets, or other documents, these extras count as the word limit.

6.  Games are expected in PDF format and must be readable. Thank you and credits will not count towards the word limit.

7.  Hacks of other systems are fine (For the queen, System Fu are popular examples). You can’t just mention the system nor to put only a link or a resource, it must be fully explained in your game. You can credit this with links, only in the thank you and credits section.

8.  Label explicit or graphic content. Consider using or referencing safety tools, such as the X card.

9.  No creation promoting hatred or discriminating values will be accepted (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.).  Nothing that breaks ToS or local law. We reserve the right to reject entries that we consider inappropriate or offensive. Be cool.

NB: Do not hesitate to make your role-play more accessible to people who may have difficulties or disabilities by creating tools attached to your PDF copy. For example, you can create a video or an audio file, but the latter must be accompanied by subtitles and a transcript in an additional file.

These rules were written in less than 1100 words, I hope you will enjoy the effort! ;)


Good luck to all for this jam!


Founder of D1000 and D100

PS : If you're still interested by our website, click on our logo and feel free to ask any (relevant) question about our work. :)


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