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Ruvid Games Social Media

 @GamesRuvid Ruvid Games Discord


Skjöld Game Studio
@Skjoldgames    Skjöld Game Studio   Discord


The theme will be announced on our Twitter and Discord on 24th November.   is 



The prize is a $50 Credit for assets in

  $50 Credit in Assets

Game-Jam Rules Below! 

  1.  You can do it by yourself  or with another person (Max people per game: 2)!
  2.  You can use scripts, models, etc, that you've already made, or you can make them from scratch!
  3.  You are allowed to use things off of the asset store! 
  4.  You don't have to show your work, but you could share your code with us!
  5. You have to use the theme given to you, and the game has to be compatible with!

What tools can I use?

You are free to use ANY tool you want! You can also use any assets you find online, or have made earlier, as long as you make the game during the jam! Have fun!

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Help the soldier escaping an infected town!
What if you could control time?