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Make a game (video game or physical) including a cyclops or any kind of one-eyed beast.

Develop either a video game or a physical game which features a Cyclops or another kind of one eyed beast. Be as creative as you like, make a game where you play as a cyclops if you like. It's up to you! The only real rule is to include a cyclops. Fell free to use any engine to develop your game, I do ask though that you do your best to make it accessible for most players. 

Information & Ground Rules

  • Use any software you like to develop your game
  • Make your game free so that others can rate and play your game, after the jam it's yours to do what you like
  • If you make a physical game make sure it's easy to put together or download
  • Feel free to work alone or in a team
  • Feel free to submit multiple games

Feel free to join the Discord to share progress and chat to others!

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