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Our world is rapidly changing. The pace of technology could soon outpace the pace of human evolution. Their is no argument against the evolution of humanity. It's going to happen whether we want it to or not. The only thing we can decide is how are we going to react to it. Are we going to flood the new world with vehement spews of negativity? Or are we going to have a positive outlook at it being the continuation of human survival and sustainability? There are only two ways to react. However, I think the only one we should pick is the positive one...

The goal: As game developers, we have responsibilities to influence the future. I believe we should use it for positive ones, not negative. Create a game within the time allowed to leave a positive influence on the impending future using the theme and motives of the cyberpunk genre. While that is more solarpunk than cyberpunk, it still fits within the parent genre. Seeing as this is cyberpunk, literally almost anything goes content wise.


  • Don't be mean.
  • Don't submit games not finished for this jam*.
  • Please consider making the games open source afterwards.
  • Please mark games with adult content as NSFW.
  • *If you participated in the first cyberpunk jam and would like to make a sequel to or improve upon that game, you may do so.
  • *Barring the above rule, please use mostly original content that belongs to you.
  • If you lack the talent to create assets, you may use assets you did not create according to their individual licenses. Not everything needs to be made from scratch. This is not ludum dare, cheat your pants off.
  • Please consider making any or all characters, including mains, a minority.
  • Please only submit "games" and "not games" in a usable state.

Please only submit "games and "not games" in a usable or playable

state. Do not submit other forms of media or non- "games" and "not

games". DO NOT submit experiences that are currently undergoing a type of crowdfunding.


Hyper Reality:

Magic Leap Demo:

Wikipedia Page:

Snow Crash:

Rewired: The Post-Cyberpunk Anthology:

Why Are You Doing This? I made a game for the first cyberpunk jam. I knew it didn't hold up to the others, so I took it down after a while. While looking for artists to hire, I came across a team that had done a game for the first one and remembered that game. I thought, I could work on it, if I had a valid excuse. So what better excuse to work on it then to have a second cyberpunk jam where that was allowed?

You seem pretty cool for running this, can I help you out monetarily in any way? I'm glad you asked! You can donate via PayPal right here:


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A new solarpunk story told through a click and point format.
a cyberpunk bachelor/bachelorette game
Crazy Taxi meets Fifth Element
Made for #Cyberpunkjam2! Bring your robots to the fight ring! Remember the 1st rule of RFC: No circuits leave the RFC.
Gain a foothold for a city under insect invasion!
Play as Aura, a girl who has a VR bunny.
Unity web "game" for Cyberpunk Jam 2
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#cyberpunkjam2 2016
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