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The themes are: Breaking the 4th wall and Survival of the Fittest
We wi
sh you all good luck :)

A Game Jam is a kind of programming competition. You get a limited amount of time (a full week in this case) in which you have to create a game from scratch. This game has to revolve around the specified theme. In our case, our community members can vote on their favorite theme and this will then be chosen (you can vote on a theme here). After the games have been submitted, everyone gets to play and rate them. It is always a good thing to join such a Jam, whether you're a beginner or a professional.


- Your game must not include any paid assets or advertisements
- If you use 3rd party assets, make sure you own the rights to use them and you specify it and attribute the source somewhere
- The usage of 3rd party software such as Photoshop is allowed
- Please keep profanity to a minimum and don't include any age-restricted content in your game (keep it PG-13)
- If you include code by others, make sure you own the rights to use it and it is attributed in the description of the submission form
- The game needs to be made from scratch and you can not just submit a game you made outside this 7 day window

Neglecting these rules will lead to a disqualification!

Additional Information:

Once you voted on page and the theme has been assessed, it will be revealed at the same time the jam starts. Your game has to center around this theme. Once the jam begins, you can use this page to submit your game. Make sure it complies with the rules above! At the top of this page you'll see the current time and date, the countdown and the time and date the jam will begin. It will end exactly one week after the beginning and the form will then be disabled, so be careful to not miss the deadline and maybe set an alarm clock! You need to be a member of the of Jabril(s) Discord Server and you need to read and abide by the rules above. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will receive large prizes and we'll also have three honourable mentions which get a smaller prize. All of these places will receive Steam gift cards out of money pool, but don't be sad if you lose, because the most important thing you can win is the gained experience.

How can you contribute?

You can contribute by participating in the game jam and/or you could donate some money to our PayPal pool here. This money will be given to the winners. This will also grant you the Contributor role on the Discord server if you include your username in the donation. Thanks :)

A few tips before you start:

- Prepare yourself by making yourself comfortable with your programming environment and maybe taking a look at a few small, non-copyrighted libraries and/or addons you may want to use in the jam.

- Staying awake for too long is generally a bad idea. You will lose your focus and do many careless mistakes.

- Don't worry if you're not that experienced. It's not about winning, but about gaining experience, learning from your mistakes and improving.

- Also don't worry if you are more experienced in some categories than others, the rating will compensate for that (for example: someone who can make great assets but can't make a good gameplay will receive the same overall rating as someone who can't make good assets but has a better gameplay).

If you have any questions or suggestions, please tag an admin on the Discord Server (

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A 2d adventure platformer game made in a week
An agent named Claire, A [CLASSIFIED] man and a driver named Marcus. The perfect recipe for success.
Interactive Fiction
An unfinished game made for Jabrils Winter GameJam
Trash Unfinished game by Zenzakru and Anivay that we gave up on after 2 days
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Developed by Seby#0001
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