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Join Columbia Game Design and Development for our Spring 2018 Game Jam! A Game Jam is a fast-paced, 36-hour marathon for meeting up with fellow gamers, artists, and developers to make a game!

Every jam, we have a loose theme that we encourage participants to base their games on. This time, the theme will be perspective, so you could make your game involve vision, or however you choose to interpret the theme!

OFF-CAMPUS ATTENDEES: Please e-mail with your name so that we can add you to a guest list for building access ahead of time.

Updated speaker and schedule information is available on the Facebook page. Thanks!


Whether you’re a game programming wizard, a level 90 artist, or just a video game enthusiast, this event is a great way to experiment with game concepts and meet others like you -- craftspeople with a passion for realizing their technical and/or creative skills in a fun larger context.

Don't worry if your game isn't exactly as you envisioned, or if you don't finish! We encourage you to submit whatever you have, however incomplete it may be. Feel free to work after the deadline and expand on your prototype, too -- what you make is completely yours.

No experience? If you don’t know any art or programming, this is the perfect excuse to learn, whether on your own or from experienced peers! We'll also be starting off with our pre-game jam with a few quick tips and rundown of our schedule to make the most of your experience.

We hope to see you there!


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Submarine Duel Game