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Welcome to Cube Jam! Cube Jam is a two hour game jam taking place during GDC, March 2-6, 2015. The main event for Cube Jam will be Tuesday, March 3rd at 9pm during the TouchArcade GDC Sticker Swap. Look for the tables and couches behind the lobby bar in the Marriott Marquis.

There won't be any formal stuff at Cube Jam. Just get set up and start about 9pm. Finish up 2 hours later. Feel free to post your games here. Feel free to post your games wherever you'd like. Feel free to tweet about them with the #cubejam tag. Just have fun.

Two hours!?!? Yes. Cube Jam is super quick. The point is to get straight to the game. Don't worry about fancy graphics or sounds, just have fun.

Can I do _______?? Yes. Make whatever you want. Use whatever tools you want. Use whatever add-ons or plugins you want. Just have fun.

What if I want something more than just cubes? No problem. The goal is to have fun making a game. If you'd like to use some textures, fonts, or a slightly more cool cube model, you can use the assets included here (or any others that you'd like to use):

Cube Jam asset pack (250MB, so you probably want to download this and look through it before you jam)

What if I can't make it on Tuesday night? Find 2 hours on your own or with any group you can find. Make a game anyway. You can submit games here through Sunday, March 8th. Submit as many games as you'd like.

Do I have to submit my game here within those 2 hours? Nope. Submit it whenever you want.

Note: The area behind the downstairs bar in the Marriott Marquis has been remodeled since the last GDC. It's much more of a lounge area than it once was. Table space is very limited. There's still lots of couch space though. You may need an extension cord to power your laptop.

If you need any more info, send a tweet to @GrouchoDuke. Just have fun!

Cube Jam banner image by @weheartgames.


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Dual Stick Shooter for Cube Jam
catch all the cubes... n-no its not that unity thingy
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