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Welcome back to old-timers, and welcome to newcomers for our second ever game jam  πŸ”₯🧯

The start date is November 2nd (2023) and the jam ends on November 29th at 11:59pm !

This month's theme is...


Like last time, you are open to interpret the theme in whatever way you'd like! The only requirement is that it has to relate to Dreams in one way or another.

The prize this time for the grand winners is...

~ TBD ~ πŸ’΅β“ βœˆοΈπŸŒ΄β“πŸ’Žβ“

The prize is TBD, so we will either update this page once we know or have it be a surprise. Either way, the prize will be life-changing 😎 (well...don't quote us on that).


  • General:
    • The game must have been developed during the time window of this game jam and not be a continuation of a pre-existing project
    • Submissions are due by November 29th, 2023 @ 11:59pm . We will not be super strict with the cutoff (e.g. it's okay if you submit a few minutes late), but an excessive amount of extra time is unfair to other participating teams

  • Format:
    • Must be a video game (and not a board game, card game, book, etc.)
    • Any software or format is acceptable -  Ideally, ensure that your game is  playable on browser or on Windows
  • Content:
    • The game must somehow relate to the theme of Dreams
    • Please avoid excessive NSFW material in your game (gore, sexual themes, etc.)
    • If your game contains any NSFW or violent content or flashing lights, please include a warning in the description of your submission
  • Assets:
    • You may use publicly available assets as long you properly credit the original creators
    • When you make your submission, you will be required to clearly identify which parts of your game were original (for example, if you got your music or models online, you must state this). Original content will be what's considered when ranking games
      • Assets that were created by members of your team before the jam period also count as non-original for this purpose and must be declared
      • You are allowed to generate assets and ideas with AI, but AI-generated assets also count as non-original and you must declare which assets are AI-generated when you submit your game
  • Teams:
    • Teams of up to 4 people are allowed! You are also allowed to compete individually (but we encourage teams of 3-4 so that you meet new people and more members can participate)
    • Please have only one person submit the project . When submitting, in the submission description please provide the full names and discord names of each team member
    • If you are looking for a team, please reach out in the #build-your-team channel on our discord server (
  • Most importantly, remember to have fun! The games can be as simple or detailed as you'd like, there is no expected level of time commitment! Also, everyone will be at different levels in terms of experience. This is a judgement free environment :) 

We can only dream of what everyone will come up with πŸ˜„(get it, get it...?)


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honk shoo honk shoo
Skateboard the Dreamscape
Play in browser
Submission for CU November 2023 Game Jam (with the theme being "Dreams").
Role Playing
A short story about Sally and her seemingly unbreaking life of monotony.