Submissions open from 2021-01-23 00:00:00 to 2021-02-01 00:00:00
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Welcome to the first-ever official ct.js game jam! This game jam aims to improve your game design and storytelling skills by creating fun and unusual games!

Haven't heard of ct.js before? It is a free and open-source 2D game-making engine with high-quality documentation, visual tools for asset management, and a smart code editor, all integrated into one IDE. It is easy to learn and fun to use. Get it with the button below and check out our tutorials.


Submission period — a 9-days long period of game development:

  • Starts on the 23rd of January at 00:00 GMT+00
  • Ends on 1st of February at 00:00 GMT+00

Voting period — one week after the submission period:

  • Starts on the 1st of February at 00:00 GMT+00
  • Ends on 8th of February at 00:00 GMT+00

Limitation announcement:

  • When the jam starts, on the 23rd of January at 00:00 GMT+00


  • Games must be made in the ct.js game engine. It is a ct.js jam, after all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • You must develop your game during the submission period. (If you are late with submission — even by hours — do contact admins so we can add your entry.)
  • Your game must follow the limitation. The limitation is announced when the jam starts.
  • All self-made assets must be made within the submission period. You can, however, use any asset packs or assets made for previous games.
  • Keep the content SFW. No explicit content, no extreme gore, no shady stuff. We have kids here.


The limitation is a mandatory condition that you must implement in your game.

Limitation: to be announced on the 23rd of January.


Challenges are optional conditions that aim to make games more interesting and help you create something you don't usually make. You can accept one challenge, or some of them, or all five! And yes, it is possible to fulfill all the five challenges at once. 👀

  1. The game takes place underwater.
  2. The game is a dungeon crawler.
  3. You cannot control the character(s) directly.
  4. The game is about cats in space.
  5. There are no living beings in the game.


How to submit a ct.js game on
0. Make sure you did all the final fixes and that your game runs in ct.js :)
1. Open the hamburger menu in the top-left corner of ct.js -> Deploy -> Deploy for the web. A folder with `Your game's` file will open.
2. Log in to Open your dashboard and create a new project, or simply click here.
3. Fill out the name of the game, set a nice description, put a cool cover. Make sure your game looks interesting so people check it out.
4. Go to this page, press "Join the jam" if you haven't already, and then press "Submit your project". Select your project, fill our tiny submission form, press "Submit", and you're done!

How to make sure that the game was properly submitted?
A badge should appear at the top-right corner of your game's page with the label "Submission to ct.js game jam 😺". Additionally, you should be able to find your project in the list of submissions.

Can we work in a team?

How do we upload as a team?
One of you should register on Then you can either make this person responsible for uploading and publishing your game or better add other team members at your game settings -> "More" dropdown -> Admins. Thus everyone on your team will be able to submit your game.

The rest of the process is the same as if you uploaded on your own: deploy the game for web, create a project, upload the .zip file to this project, and submit the project on the jam's page. When you add your game, you will be able to list all your team members in the submission form.

Should I really fulfill all the limitations and challenges?
Nope, only the limitation that is revealed when a game jam starts is mandatory. Challenges are like a side-quest as the voting results depend on the enjoyment of your game as a whole. Try to fulfill at least some of the challenges, though, as they help to create unusual and fun games!

Put in other words, you can get the first place if your game is really fun to play, even if you haven't fulfilled any of the challenges.

Are robots considered living beings?
No, they are not. While they may be sentient, they are definitely not made out of living matter.

What about voting?
The voting period starts right after the jam ends. It is public, meaning that everyone can vote. You will be able to rank entries by these criteria:

  • Overall enjoyment — the main criteria.
  • Gameplay.
  • Sound design.
  • Graphics and style.
  • Creativity.

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