This jam is now over. It ran from 2018-11-19 12:00:00 to 2018-11-20 18:00:00. View results

The theme of CSS Game Jam 2018 is...

The Results

BaronNobody—Secret Admirer

2nd Place
TobleroneSwordfish—Rooms of Existential Concern

3rd Place

Online voting for People's Choice is open until Sunday!

The Schedule

10:00Industrial Panel12:15Gamejam Ends
11:00Industrial Panel Ends12:30Gamejam Ends
12:00Introductory Talk13:15Prizes Presented
12:15Game Jam begins

The Tips

  • Have an idea which isn’t too big - the amount of work needed to create something might seem a lot less at the beginning
  • Adapt your idea to the circumstances - don’t get stuck on one thing. If it’s taking too long then move on
  • Better art != more fun
  • Board games are allowed in this competition!
  • Make sure you take some breaks - sometimes a short walk can give you the solution to a problem
  • Don’t take it too seriously :)

The Rules


  • This event is organised by the University of Bristol Computer Science Society Committee.
  • Teams may have up to six members.
  • Teams must be present at the beginning and end of the event to be included in the judging.
  • The event organisers reserve the right to modify these rules as necessary to ensure that the event runs successfully.


  • You may use custom hardware in your build
  • If you use the Hack Space please follow the associated rules. It will not be open out of the usual hours & we are not paying for any materials.
    • You must be inducted to use it.
  • Teams may bring their own equipment for use in hardware builds.
  • Teams may use third-party software components as long as use is within the terms of the licence.
  • If you are using third-party software components, acknowledge these when explaining your project to the judging panel.
  • Teams should not ‘pre-build’ substantial parts of their project before the event.
    • It’s fine to come to the event with existing designs and plans.
    • It’s fine to come to the event having set up or learned to use third-party components.
    • Please don’t write bespoke code and bring this to the event.
    • You can use pre-made art/assets but these will be taken into account during judging.


  • Participants should behave safely at all times. Hazards should be reported to event organisers.
  • Bags and other bulky items must be kept out of the way, under tables at all times.
  • Wires or other trip hazards must be out of the way, only use the electrical sockets right next to your table.
  • You must not use the Hack Space or any soldering/cutting equipment while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or heavy medication (i.e. if it would affect your ability to drive)
  • Please be nice to one another :)


  • The prizes are:
    • £110 - first place (divided between #team members)
    • £60 - second place (divided between #team members)
    • £30 - third place (divided between #team members)
  • Judging will be performed by an independent panel, including:
    • MVB Department staff members
    • An employee from a relevant company in the games industry
  • To be in contention for a prize, you must present your game to the judges at the end of the event. Presentations are limited to roughly three minutes (We have a lot of teams!)

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Shoot the red and blue cubes to learn their secrets!
An eerie top-down fastasy stealth game, created in a 24 hour game jam.
Trust nobody. Not even your jacket.
Tetris meets Minesweeper meets Hangman (?), written in Haskell!
Hit your crush with your secret love note!
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