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Greetings from the Crystal Connections Discord server! We are a server specializing in bringing content creators of all kinds together. Whether musicians, artists, developers, writers, etc., we come together from diverse backgrounds in order to make and support projects. Our first jam is "Fantasy Life", a month long jam running from October 1st-October 31st focusing on all things fantasy.


  • Any game of any type is accepted, from a 2D side-scroller, a 3D tower defense, to even visual novels, as long as it fits the theme "fantasy".
  • Unfinished entries are accepted.
  • Entries less than 5 minutes won't be judged, but you can still submit them.
  • Games that have already begun development before this jam are accepted, as long as they are 
    1. less than 80% complete
  • Games can use pre-made assets, but the game cannot be more than 80% pre-made assets. If you need music, art, etc., then look for members to recruit either in the community section or on our server.

Ranked Winners:

The entries of this jam will be ranked by the public, and the first place game will win one (1) copy of either Uncanny Valley or Galactic Missile Defense on Steam and a special winner's role in the server (you do not have to be in the server in order to submit or win)! (teams will be rewarded 1 copy of both games to be distributed however the team decides and every member of the team will get a special role in the server)

Feel free to join us at the official Discord server to share you projects or find team members!

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