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I created a dungeon inspired by my daily crossword and folks seemed to really like it!

So I've made a basic how-to guide & would really like to see what other people create from it.


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A Mausritter dungeon full of vampire bats
a Mörk Borg crossword dungeon
In the vineyard of a mad goat ogre
A Testament to War - no, wait, to Outlet Shopping
A dungeon inspired by my daily crossword...
Role Playing
Una aventura con tintes bíblicos.
A one-page crossword dungeon featuring reindeer.
A TTRPG adventure inspired by a crossword puzzle, for the Crossword Dungeon Jam
A one-page dungeon for first level adventurers. OSE-compatible.
A crossword dungeon featuring a gang who love bacon.
A crossword dungeon for a townhouse belonging to a wizard, with a little adventure hook!
A DM-Less Crossword Dungeon TTRPG
You've got one chance to stop the apocalypse, and a shit ton of explosives to do it
Cast Spells by unscrambling words
A 1-page crossword dungeon you can adapt to your system of choice.
A dungeon map for ttrpg games
A dungeon for TTRPGS inspired by a crossword puzzle
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