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🐊It's CrocoJam time!🐊

To participate create any artwork (and/or game if you feel brave) in a low-poly, tile-based or similar style. You can team up or create something all by yourself! 

Multiple entries per person are allowed and encouraged if you feel particularly creative.

For inspiration, check out the Crocotile 3D Gallery, join the Discord server to chat with like minded folks and make sure to tag your artwork on Twitter with #crocotile3d!

Thanks everyone for voting

💭Theme: Nostalgia

🎨Limitation: Surprise Palette

CrocoPal, a custom made 8-color palette for CrocoJam #2 by ANoob!

If you'd like some more colors to work with, you can also use antiquity16  by ILTA

Quick note: The theme is intended for inspiration and the limitation is a fun little twist on the whole jam. If you feel the palette choice too limiting or the color palette is not working for you, please feel free to pick a different one (great collection at the Lospec palette list) or just ignore the limitation! This is about having fun, not strict adherence. Anything goes as long as you are having fun creating something!

💡Need inspiration?

Check out submission from the the previous jams:

CrocoJam #1 (Demake)

April Entries

Last month's entries with the Demake theme, click the image to browse!

🐊 What is Crocotile 3D?

Crocotile 3D is a software to create 3D models and environments with tiles. 

If you'd like to get some inspiration, check out this gallery of awesome art and games created with it. Or why not drop by the Discord server, where you can ask questions and meet other creators!

For a quick idea what's possible with Crocotile 3D you can check out this nifty video: 

Introductory video to get you started with Crocotile 3D.

❔Do I have to use Crocotile 3D?

No, any kind of software is allowed to create your artworks, it just so happens that we really like Crocotile 3D! You can download the free demo version on itch.

❔Do I have to follow the theme / the limitation?

Not at all! This is about having fun and creating a piece of art within the time constraint. If you feel that the theme or the palette are limiting you, kick them to the curb!

Useful Resources:

  • Lospec - Tutorials, palettes and more resources around digitally restrictive art
  • Piskel - A free online sprite editor
  • Aseprite - Animated sprite editor & pixel art tool


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Desk and Chair made in Crocotile
Low poly pixel art model for CrocoJam #2
My first entry into the second Crocotile Jam
FREE, pixelated, low poly indoors scene for your retro 3D game.
it's a little different than you remember!
quick mockup of c64 game impossible mission
Parallax animation using Crocotile 3d
Sailormoon arcade 1995