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Are You A Starting Game dev Looking For An Opportunity to shine Well Here In The Crimson Tech Game Jam You Have A chance To Show Of Your Skills And creativity. 

Weather your a beginner or a pro dev this is a jam where everyone is welcome and allowed to participate. 


The theme of our very first game jam is platformer adventure. Participants are to create a platformer adventure game weather its multiplayer or single player anything  goes so long as its a platformer and an gas has an adventure theme. 

Judging and ranking: 

Participants will be judged on three criteria:

1. Storytelling 

2. Gameplay

3. Entertainment 

Each of these three criteria carry 10 points which is 30 points in total. Participants will be ranked according to their points and will be put into one of these three categories:

1. Gold 25 - 30 points

2. Silver 20 - 24 points

3. Bronze 15 - 19


And now for the part everyone has been waiting for the rewards:

The 3rd place participant(bronze) will have his or her game featured on 

 Cdx plays.

The 2nd place participant(silver) will have their game posted on our social media platforms and our website

The 1st place 

Participant(Gold) will have their game posted on our social media platforms , Featured on our website and will become a member of Crimson Tech games and it doesn't end there.

The 1st place winner will also be interviewed and posted on our  website's blog and last of all it will be played on the cdx plays show.

There's a lot to do and a lot to win so what are u waiting for join in the crimson tech adventure game jam Today. 


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A platforming fantasy adventure