This jam is now over. It ran from 2018-02-20 08:00:00 to 2018-05-20 07:00:00.

If you are interested in using the Creature Animation Tool to create a cool Game Demo/Prototype Game in Godot Engine 3.0, then please read on! We are big believers in Godot Engine 3.0 and will like to help support the community by offering 6 months Creature Pro access for contestants of this hackathon!

The hackathon itself lasts 3 months, after which the remaining 3 months you can use Creature for whatever project you want!


  • Use the Creature Animation Tool to author at least one skeletal animation asset
  • Use Godot Engine 3.0 to make a simple Game Demo or prototype Game
  • Use the Creature Godot Runtimes to animate the animation asset in Godot Engine
  • Do a short writeup of the overall process and post it on a blog ( One suggestion is Medium but feel free to use your own personal one if you want ) You can even host your project on Github and share it with the world as you see fit!
  • On your blog, please provide links to Godot Engine as well as mentioning: Creature created by Kestrel Moon Studios with the Indie and Enterprise versions published by DeepMotion

The total time allocated for this extended Hackathon is 3 months.

We hope to see some amazing Game Demos made with the new fancy features of Godot Engine 3.0! And of course some stunningly fluid Creature Character animations as well :) Deadline for project submission is: 20th May 2018


We will be selecting the top Game Demo/Prototype as a winner for this extended hackathon. The winner will receive a full 10 years subscription of Creature Pro!

Registration Details

If you are a gamedev who uses Godot and are excited by this event, please email: with your name and details. We will be sending out the 6 month Creature Pro licenses via email. The deadline for registration for this event is 20th of February 2018. We will be sending all contestants a free 6 month subscription access for Creature.