This jam is now over. It ran from 2019-12-21 02:00:00 to 2019-12-23 02:00:00. View results

The theme of the game jam will be announced at 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time on Friday December 20th.

The theme and voting will be handled in the discord so make sure to join!

The games are allowed to be created with any game engine you would like, however the game must be playable on Windows, in the final submission. 

All entries must be in by 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time on Sunday December 22nd, or they will not be counted!

If you want your game to be ranked all assets in the game must be created within the time of the jam, you may not use any pre-existing assets! 

The game cannot contain any NSFW content.

You can sign up for the game jam as a team if you would like to, You can begin getting your teams together now! Remember, you cannot have more than 5 people on a team!

Looking to create a team with other people, but not sure who to create it with? Join the discord, and create a team there!

Want to work alone? That's okay too! You can join this game jam alone, or with others!

Q: Can I enter if I have never made a game? A Yes, everyone has to start somewhere, this is a good place to begin!

Q: I'm not very good at making games, should I enter? A: Yes, Game Jams are a great way to test your skills, and help you improve!

Q: What game engine do we use in the game jam? All game engines are allowed to be used in the game jam, as long as the final product is playable on windows, we will accept it!

Q: What time zones are the start and end time in? GMT

Q: Can I join the jam after it has already started?  A: You can join the jam at any time as long as you have submitted your game before the deadline!

Q: Do we have to work alone?  A: You can work alone, or with a team!

Q: Can I be a member of more than one team?  A: No

Q: Can I use assets I have made for other game jams or games? A: All assets in the game jam must be created within the time frame of this game jam, you cannot use any older assets!

Q: How many people can I team up with? A: 5 is the maximum team size!

The CreativeWorks discord is a great place for everyone, if you are looking to grow your knowledge on game development, this is the place for you! Artists of any kind, looking to create assets for a game? This is the place for you! Looking to create a team to work on creating a game or project? Join the discord today and talk with like minded people about your goals!

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