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Welcome to Create Jam 2022 Spring Edition! 

The theme of this jam is Cottagecore! Bring out your gardening tools and start weeding out your garden. Join us at Create or on our twitch stream for the kick-off presentation.

The Prompt is "A Picnic"! Happy Jamming 😎


All games must be submitted to by the deadline to be eligible for voting. Make sure that everyone who worked on your game is added as a contributor otherwise they cannot vote!

If you have absolutely any issues uploading your submission or questions, do not hesitate in contacting an admin at the jam or on Discord!


Each game will be rated on:

  • Prompt Usage, how well did the game do in incorporating the given challenge? 
  • Game Mechanics, how engaging and creative did you find the mechanics? 
  • Sound and Music, how was the sound and music used in the game?
  • Art, how appealing and suitable was the artistic choices in the game? 
  • Narrative, how well designed was the narrative?

We hope this will encourage participants to make the best game possible!


  1. You can use your own assets that you have prepared or made before the jam.
  2. We strongly encourage you to make your own assets but you can use assets you own or anything royalty-free, but you have to disclose that you did in your submission.
  3. Be decent on Discord and Twitch, friendly banter is welcome, but respect each other!

The event will be held at Create and on Discord! To get access to the Discord, Sign-up here!

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A peaceful picnic at sunset, turned psychedelic extravaganza.
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You are a weapon-wielding swan on a murderous rampage of breadlust. Just regular swan things.
A short game made for Create Jam 2022 Spring – Cottagecore edition
2D defender for a picnic...
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Darn tootin moles stole your cabbages and made picnics, and you'll be darn sorry if you don't nick them back
Role Playing
​Escape the darkness and seek shelter by the sunflowers
Picross mixed with tetris like pieces for Create Jam Spring 2022
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Witches ain't nothing but brooms and tricks
Squash intruders before they get to your cake! Build defenses to hinder them.
Create Jam Spring 2022 - A cozy, cottagecore-inspired puzzle game about a very special lady... bug.
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Harvest wheat, upgrade and defend yourself against goblins who are trying to ruin your perfect picnic date!
Disrupt a lovely picnic by stealing all their food. Try not to get squashed.
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small entry into CreateJam Sprint 2022
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A minimalistic puzzle about teamwork and flowers
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Rescue your friends from the evil lurking in the forest
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Cottage Core Defence Board Game
Card Game