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Welcome to Create Jam 2021 Fall Edition! 

 This time, our theme is Mythology!  Get ready to craft myths,  create gods and legendary creatures! During the Friday stream, we will be revealing this edition's challenge - an extra prompt for all jammers to incorporate into their games!


All games must be submitted to by the deadline to be eligible for voting. Make sure that everyone who worked on your game is added as a contributor otherwise they cannot vote!

If you have absolutely any issues uploading your submission or questions, do not hesitate in contacting an admin at the jam or on Discord!


Each game will be rated on:

  • Prompt Usage, how well did the game do in incorporating the given challenge? 
  • Game Mechanics, how engaging and creative did you find the mechanics? 
  • Sound and Music, how was the sound and music used in the game?
  • Art, how appealing and suitable was the artistic choices in the game? 
  • Narrative, how well designed the narrative seemed to you

We hope this will encourage participants to make the best game possible!


  1. You can use your own assets that you have prepared or made before the jam.
  2. We strongly encourage you to make your own assets but you can use assets you own or anything royalty-free, but you have to disclose that you did in your submission.
  3. Be decent on Discord and Twitch, friendly banter is welcome, but respect each other!

The event will be held at Create and on Discord! To get access to the Discord, Sign-up here!

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Speedrun to a worthy death.
Create Jam Fall 2021 - Find out whether people take the stairway to heaven or ride the highway to hell!
A night of ancient myths shared around a cozy fire.
Rage game, get to the top of the vase
Fun, horny and hard to beat
Eternal Damnation or Everlasting Rest? Take a lost soul on it's journey across the river Styx and decide it's fate.
Visual Novel
Take on the forces of the Underworld before they can start Ragnarok!
Play in browser
Play as Ratatoskr, the gossip-y messenger of Yggdrasil, whose finest pastime is delivering insults.
Kill demons and use their corpses to climb your way back up to heaven
Play in browser
Help Hercules reunite with Zeus. Dig for marble and gold and build your way back to Olympia.
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