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Welcome to the first of what is hopefully going to be many CrazyCram Game Jams!!! This Jam is a week long session of game development in which everyone is scrambling to get their game finished up. Not really but it sounds cool right? Anyways, it's the regular jam you all know and love so well.

Rules; {Updated because someone mentioned they were confusing}

1 - Only use you're own content unless you have both the permission of and give credit to the owner.

2 - No cheating and buying complete packs from the asset store and the such. You can download free assets but save your money and your sanity and don't purchase complete packs.

3 - Have fun. Don't stress it too much, game development is supposed to be as fun as the game's you are making.

Join the Enoof Studios discord chat at to connect with other game jammers!!!

Prizes are non-existent as I do not have a job to pay for prizes, however; you do get the honor of knowing that you won a game jam!!! Check the start date for when it starts (It will begin at 8:00 a.m on the first) and it will run for the whole week during which you should develop and submit your game. Thank you!!!

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protect a bed
Platformer Fun!
Defend until you lose
reloading Stuck so people can download it
A game jam type of game, really short, and unfortuantly broken, and unplayable