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About CrapJam

We want to create games. Good games. Games that are fun, pretty, balanced, engaging and exciting. We use the best graphics and sounds we can to create amazing, unforgettable and unique experiences.

But sometimes things just don't work out. Shit happens. We learn from our mistakes and reviews to improve our future projects. It's not like we make lame games intentionally.

Or... do we?

We do! At least, at this game jam.

Forget about every game design aspect you know. Here you don't want to make a good game. You want to make a crappy game. Challenge yourself and make something different than usual! Change your typical "How can I improve this?" to "How can I make it even worse?". Don't be afraid to make it boring, cringeworthy, unintuitive, too easy or ugly. 


  • Use any engine and programming language of your choice
  • Game must be made within the jam (within 48h)
  • Online assets are ok to use.  Just be sure to credit work where credit is due. 
  • You can jam solo or with a team
  • Have fun!


Theme of CrapJam #1 will be generated by Book Title Generator and announced an hour before CrapJam start.

Theme: The Ancient Prophecy


Your game can be rated from 1 (it wasn't that bad) to 5 (good job, it was the worst thing ever) by anyone in following categories:

  • unclarity of rules
  • visual ugliness
  • audio mismatch
  • unplayability
  • misinterpretation of the topic
  • overall irritation/disappointment/cringe

Although your game should be as crappy as possible, it has to run. Smaller bugs are more than welcome, but inability to play the game at all is disqualifying. Focus on creating a game that will make gamers suffer so much they would prefer it wouldn't run at all. 

Have fun and do your worst!

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