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The CPP Quarterly Game Jam is an event hosted by the Cal Poly Pomona Game Design and Development Club. It's open throughout the duration of the Fall Quarter starting from Oct. 7 to Dec. 1. It's main purpose is to be used as a way for students to get their feet wet and start actually making games in accordance to Cal Poly Pomona's mantra: Learning by Doing.



Jam Guidelines:

  1. Create a game between Oct. 7 and Nov.25 which incorporates the given theme.
  2. You can work individually or in a team. There are no restrictions for the number of members in a team.
  3. You're not restricted to what tool/framework/engine to use or what platform to develop for. (Having a web build helps though!)
  4. When you're done, upload your game in this page.
  5. Have fun! :D

Games Are Rated On:

  • Graphics
  • Sound
  • Fun
  • Polish
  • Interpretation of Theme

Highest rated overall will be given a prize! So don't forget to vote, and tell your friends!

The club is hosting weekly workshops to facilitate any development. If you're new, or just want a space to develop with other people, feel free to drop by! The workshop schedules will be announced soon.

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