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The Theme for this Jam is SPOOKY! Create a game around Spooky things and maybe even a few puzzles, the theme Spooky has a lot to offer, create a game about going around a haunted house collecting haunted items or  create a monster chasing you down the street the possibility's are endless!


  • In this event developers will be striving to create a game in a very short time span!
  • This game jam in UNRANKED meaning that there will not be winners or losers this jam is just for fun and is not for ones who want competition!

  • This game jam is for fun not for competition so you can build a team or do this challenge solo!
  • This is optional but it would be nice if you could develop your skills further and make everything from scratch! If you make these things from Scratch it'll help you grow as a developer if you don't that's completely fine it really doesn't matter!
  • Use whatever Game Engine you like for this as I've said a million times this isn't for competition it's just for fun. :D

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Save your sister from a monster that stalks her in nightmares.