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For the third year, KMD sponsors "Knæk Koden" in Copenhell's Smadreland. Smadreland is a land of smashing old cars and old junk. Once daily during the festival, contestants can smash old KMD computers to find tickets for next year's festival. This is very physical play.

As KMD is one of Denmark's largest IT and software companies, the aim with this game jam at ITU is to explore new ways of using IT knowledge to create playable experiences. We want participants to create a computer game, which combines the universe of Copenhell with the active play KMD sponsors.

The game does not need to be about smashing cars or computers: we are looking for a game that creatively engages with the universe of Copenhell and the music it embraces.

The constraints: it has to be a local multiplayer game for up to 4 players, arcade style. It can be cooperative or competitive, but we would really like to see a high score board there!

The winning game will be played by the guests at Copenhell, right next to Smadreland. We will set it up in a special bicycle-arcade.

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Burn churches to honor the true Norwegian black metal legends! Local multiplayer up to four players.
Protect hell from angels and priests with the power of metal