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The Constraints Jam

Platforms: All

Date: October 1 - November 10th

Location: The Beautiful Internet.

What is this jam about ?

It's about using constraints as a design tool. It's about fueling creativity through a set of constraints and see the result when you embrace limitations.

Okay, how does this work ?

1. Pick 3 or more constraints of your choice from the list.

2. Make fantastic games on the platform of your choice.

3. Submit on or before 28th October.

How much time do I get ?

Staying true to the honor code, we request people to not spend more than 48 hours on their entry. Yes, we understand that it's a month long jam but that's only cause we want more people to be able to participate in it without worrying about the fate of their existing project deadlines/work/obligations/life (we all hate life).

How does voting work ?

Voting is open for everyone. Participators, contributors and the public can vote on entries.

Is there a prize ?

Yes, based on popular vote and peer reviews there will be a prize distributed to the winning entry which will be a personal license for Construct 2, Game Maker or a year worth of cloud storage facility. It's entirely up to the developer to choose what they want. We're still working on getting more prizes to giveaway for the runner-ups and hope to announce them soon. We hope that the biggest takeaway from this Jam would be the learning experience.


  1. Game build must be 5MB or less.
  2. Game must have 30 second levels.
  3. Game must not have a tutorial.
  4. Character can only perform 10 movements per level.
  5. Character can only move along a single axis.
  6. Game must have single key control scheme.
  7. Player must control the enemies/boss/antagonists.
  8. Player has to die at least once every level.
  9. Player has only one life.
  10. Game must utilise ASCII code art.
  11. Game must be a combination of 3 or more classic mechanics.
  12. Game must incorporate social media in some way.
  13. Game must use 3 colors or less.
  14. Game must have 1,000 words.
  15. Game keybinds must reverse every 10 seconds.
  16. Game must be controllable via keyboard, gamepad, touchscreen or mouse, with identical gameplay no matter which is used.

Who owns the IP rights to my game ?

You. We don't take anything from you, you get to keep and hopefully work on an even finer product for commercial release. For us, that's the best takeaway possible. Cheers !

Can I submit more than one entry ?

Yes and you're a fantastic human being for following the "make more games" program.

Can I suggest a constraint ?

Yes, absolutely. If you have any suggestion or a question regarding the jam. Please feel free to reach out via Twitter or Email .

Don't forget to share your progress via #ConstraintsJam and spread the word !

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Can you discover who is GUILTY? Better work fast, you don't have much time!
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A stealth action shooter
Navigate a world of darkness, using only your death to continue. Made for Constraint Jam.
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taking you back....
Time-based side-scrolling shooter
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a short and simple skill avoid game
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