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A joint effort between myself (@BoltOpossum) and Christian Kessler Blog to promote two comics inspired projects powered by Troika! We're looking for any of your weird-campy-violent comic book references. These can be adventures, npcs, gear or anything in between. 

Standard Troika! rules can be found  HERE

Longshot City can be purchased  HERE

Spectacle is currently funding on kickstarter HERE . (Funding through December 1st). 

But in the meantime, here are examples of a background, enemy and background + origin in longshot city. 


  1.  No bigotry, hate, nazis, or lionizing Stan Lee. 
  2. Consult Longshot City Background creation  when making your  NPCs. 
  3. The Longshot City title is based on a  paid font. Please see assets to avoid complications. 
  4. Please tag and promote your entries  with #Comical Spheres and  @BoltNeck (x)
  5. Feel free to charge for your work.
  6. No AI art. 
  7. Feel free to use any of the assets provided Here

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A quick one shot adventure for Longshot City - Set in the Bronze Age of Comics