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In Combination Jam each participant makes one level of a game which will be combined into a single full game.

You can make whatever game you want as long as your game has Jeremy as your main character and it starts by him coming from a window and ends by him going out from another window. This makes the combined game feel like you're playing a single full game 🙃

Combination Jam is over; Download the combined game from here!

Here is a video where I explain how the game launcher works:

Since all submissions are going to be combined into one game, your entry must follow these rules so that it would feel like you're playing continuously:

⚠ Rules (MUST READ)

  • ⏳ Timing: You must create a level in a week and after that, users have another week to vote your submission. Do not upload your older projects and start developing when the jam starts (You can plan and think of ideas before start time)
  • 🏠 Windows Build: Your submission must have a Windows build that can be played by its .exe file (It can contain data folders)
  • 🏃‍♂️ Character: Your game must have Jeremy as your main character (read below for description)
  • 🏁 Entering and Finishing: Your level must start by Jeremy entering from a window and end with him going out from another window (read below for description)
  • ❌ No Main Menu: Your game is going to be next level of a full game, so it must start as if the player is playing a level of the same game; not playing another game. 
    • Unity Logo or other forced splash screens are ok 
    • Showing controls and tutorials at start are also allowed
    • Pause menus without exit buttons are allowed
  • 😫 Length: Participants must make just one level which its play time is at least one minute and not more than 10 minutes. Submission file size must not be larger than 50MB (Imagine 20 participants uploading 50MB files which combines into a 1GB game with only 20 levels!)
  • 👀 Miscellaneous: Sexual themes, extreme gore, offensive or political games are not allowed. Only use tools and assets that you have proper ownership or copyright to use in a game jam (You can use royalty free, public domain, your older assets or make new assets!)  

🏃‍♂️ Character: Jeremy!

Jeremy is a cyan cube with orange headband and cool glasses. You can design Jeremy however you like, but you must consider these  when making him:

  • 🟦 He is a cyan cube (you can use squares or default cubes to make him - See his body color hex code here [#91F6D7])
  •  🩹 He has an orange headband (material or texture of it is not important, but it must be orange - See his headband color code here [#EEB00A])
  • 😎 He has black glasses (shape of frame or placement is not important but it must be cool! - See his glasses color code here [#2A3954])
  • 💳 His name is Jeremy! (He can have any personality or powers, but if you're going to call him in-game, you must call him Jeremy!)

Sprite that I made from Jeremy

Animated version of Jeremy made by ClemensU3p

Sketch drawn from Jeremy by Nathan R.

🏁 Start and Finish Method: Yeet outta window!

What is more satisfying than using a door to exit? that's right, yeeting yourself outta window! You can make a window with glasses or even portal, but you must consider these when making transitions:

  • 🏃‍♂️ Jeremy must come out and get in from a square window (The window should almost fit him to go into it. Not very large and not very small)
  • 🔳 The color of these windows must be white (more specific, borders of windows must be white, glasses or whatever that is inside is up to you)
  • 🤪 Don't go crazy with those windows: The windows should be fixed in their places, not flying around or anything.

You can download and use the models that I made in a Unity Package here if you're using Unity engine

ℹ  More Info (Also important)

  • 🔧 I will make first and last levels and combine them with participant levels in an external launcher. After finishing each level and closing its application, the launcher detects exiting and launches the next level. (More information in the video above) I will upload the game launcher in 2-5 days after the jam is finished (Based on number of levels submitted)
  • ↖ Top-left of your game screen will be occupied with my always-on-top launcher's small banner: It shows your game name, your itch username and Combination jam logo or your game icon (It is preferred that your game launches in windowed full-screen so that all levels feel the same. If your game engine don't support full-screen, use 854 x 480 screen size)
  • 🏆 After closing each level a message box will pop up. It shows game name, creator username and links to rate or visit that level's game page (Players have the option to restart level, go to next level or exit the whole game in this message box - You can put your own end screen before exiting the application)
  • ✨ You can make your level in any way you like:
    • Use any game engine or tools you have (Like Unity, Godot, Game Maker or any other engine that can export to Windows - My recommendation is Unity Personal)
    • Choose a unique name and icon for your game (You can send me your own color palette, icon or custom messages while submitting to show in the game launcher)
    • Make your game in any genre or theme you want (Jeremy can do anything like collecting coins, driving to the moon, killing innocent people or solving an RPG puzzle to finish your level but it must jump out of a window when your level starts or ends)
    • Make your game in either 2D, 3D or 2.5D with any style like pixel-based, voxel-based, realistic or cartoon-like
  • 🔒 Uploads after jam period is locked! Since I have to combine submissions in this period, uploads are only allowed before jam deadline and after voting is finished (Updates to submissions after voting won't be applied to the combined game)
  • 🤥 Players can pass levels by forcefully closing their application window, or simply launching the last level from game folder, but we're here to collaborate and have fun, not to make a totally standard e-sport game! So keep your levels simple, and play fair ❤

If you have any questions or want to look for teammates, use jam's community page or ask in #combine-jam channel of my discord server. Have fun and jam on!


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