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The Theme: Retro

It is time to peek back in the past! Make a game that looks retro; just like the old Nintendo 64 games for example. 

The Challenge: Your game needs to consist of all or some of the hex colors provided below:


These colors need to be in your game. You don't need to use them all, however, you should definitely think outside of the box and think about what can you actually create with these provided colors. This is a good time to improve your GFX skills :) You cannot modify these colors in anyway. Use them as is. You cannot use any other colors but the ones above.

Hello everybody! 

Finally we got another gamejam to host for our beloved community over at the discord server :) This is a minor gamejam as we stated in the server. We will have a bigger one at the summer break. We are doing this since there is a handful of people still in college, highschool, just school in general, and we don't wanna stress them out and make them enter a gamejam and ignore their school work. Now when we have that out of the way, here are the rules!


- Your game must not include any paid assets or advertisements 

- If you use 3rd party assets, make sure you own the rights to use them and you specify it and attribute the source somewhere - The usage of 3rd party software such as Photoshop is allowed 

- Please keep profanity to a minimum and don't include any age-restricted content in your game (keep it PG-13)

 - If you include code by others, make sure you own the rights to use it and it is attributed in the description of the submission form

 - The game needs to be made from scratch and you can not just submit a game you made outside this 7 day window 

- The game has to respect the challenge given above. If the developer decides to not follow the challenge given, it is an automatic disqualification

  Neglecting these rules will lead to a disqualification!

Hopefully you will respect the rules and the prizes are: Discord Nitros for top 3 competitors (donated by our lovely mods Creme & Canarado), you will also get a shiny golden "Gamejam winner" role. I mean, that's something right? Either way hopefully you guys and gals, if any, will enjoy this jam, maybe finally assemble a team or two, and we really can't wait to see what your creative minds are gonna make. 

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Made for Cults of Jabris Gamejam
it's an experimental Top down shooter made for cult of Jabrills game jam (I hope its ok)
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